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The actors brought alot to the film, they were dedicated to collaboration, and creating something exceptional and original. Their performances and presence is grounded in the belief of the power of our connection with nature, and with each other. The film was made with Aroha (Love).



iwi (Tribe) Nga Tai Ki Tamaki, Ngati Paoa, Nga Rauru Kiitahi

Pita was the Executive Officer of Nga Aho Whakaari, advocating for Maori in film & Television 2008 – 2010.

Pita has appeared in, and worked on 12 feature films, including UTU, Sleeping Dogs, Kingpin, Battle Truck, The Silent One and Rapa Nui. Festivals include Amsterdam, Dream Speakers Canada, Amiens, Hawaii and Tahiti.

Pita received a Media Peace Prize for his Hotu Painui- Nuclear testing in the pacific.

Pita is a Maori iwi advocate who has become known as a story teller and respected orator, connecting a new generation with the ancient histories of Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland).

Turei began his careeer in theater and dance, working with organisations who toured both nationally and internationally including the Adelaide Ballet, Limbs Dance Company and Taiao Dance Theatre.


iwi (Tribe) Ngati Whanaunga, Nga Tai ki Tamaki , Nga Puhi , Ngati Paoa

At 11 years of age, Perfect Storm is Te Hookioi’s first short film.  

He has been an extra on a commercial on Kauri Die back, and for a TV series Pukoro.

Te Hookioi has been around film sets with his families involvement in film and fine Arts. He is keen to do more acting

Te Hookioi is stunning on screen, and a pleasure to work with, he was mentored in this project by Pita Turei. 

CAST: Cast & Crew
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