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Dual World Premier : Warsaw IFF Poland & TiSFF Thessaloniki

Warsaw International Film festival              A-list/ Oscar qualifying festival     

TiSFF * THESS International Short Film Festival Thessaloniki Opening film

AWARD  Cinematic Achievement

Toronto Women's Film festival AWARD Best Female Editor 

Byron Bay International Film Festival      Official Selection

Lighthouse International Film Festival New Jersey Official Selection

Maui International Film Festival           Official Selection

Inspirational film festival                     AWARD Best Inspirational short film

Venice Shorts LA                                    FINALIST Best Experimental short film

New Zealand International FF     Nga Whanunga FINALIST                          

CLOSE International film festival Teran  AWARD Best Director

ORION Australia                                        NOMINEE Best Indigenous film

MAGMA film festival Spain                     NOMINEE Best International short

Sydney Short film festival                          FINALIST Best Experimental

Santorini Film festival                               FINALIST Best Experimental

The Fantasy Film Festival Paris         2x NOMINEE  Best Cinematography & Best Drama     

CLIMAX film festival                          2x NOMINEE  Best Dance/ Poetic & Best short

French Riveria film festival Cannes            Honorable Mention Short Drama

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival      NOMINEE Best Lock-down film

Depth of Field Film festival                       AWARD Excellence

Dumbo film festival                              SEMI FINALIST

SENSEI film festival                              NOMINEE

Paris Womans film festival                     SEMI FINALIST

Tokyo Short film festival                          SEMI FINALIST Cinematography

Venezia Shorts                                        SEMI FINALIST Narrative shorts

The Way of Art Film Festival                    AWARD

Lebanon Independent Film Festival         Official Selection

Puket International film festival               AWARD Best Woman's film

Serbest Film festival                            SEMI FINALIST

Your Way International FF                       Honorable Mention Best Covid 19 film

European Short awards                           Honorable Mention

International Sound & Film Music Festival  Official Selection

Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards         Official Selection

Milan Gold Awards                                 Official Selection

Blue Danube Film Festival (Vienna, Budapest)  Official Selection

Women Directors Film Carnival              Official Selection

Wairoa Film festival  Opening film            Official Selection            

Berlin Art film festival                              Official Selection

Bucharest Short film festival                    Official Selection

Art-house Asia film festival                       Official Selection

BRNO film festival                                     Official Selection

Berlin International Art Film Festival       Official Selection

Arthouse Asia                                         Official Selection

London Directors Awards                       Official Selection

Rome Prisma Awards                             Official Selection

Golden Giraffe international film festival Nice   Official Selection

PARAI musical international awards film festival      AWARD Best Music Score

Screenings & Awards: Release Dates
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