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New Zealand Opera: Cast & Crew


New Zealand Opera provided support and guidance on this project, particularly in casting opera singers Catrin Johnsson and James Harrison for the soundtrack composed by Sean Donnelly. 

It was the first time Sean had written for opera voices, and a unique experience for the singers working on a project like this, which was recorded at Big Pop studios.

In the 21 years since the inception of New Zealand Opera, the company has presented over 460 opera performances that include main-scale opera, touring productions, festival productions, concerts and other events to audiences of more than 730,000.

New Zealand Opera is New Zealand’s only professional opera company. Under the artistic and organisational leadership of General Director Thomas de Mallet Burgess, the Company is re-imagining what opera might be within a New Zealand context (celebrating our cultural diversity including Māori and Pasifika arts; finding fiscally appropriate ways of commissioning new work; finding touring models that support the country’s regions) to build bridges between our art form and new audiences.

“Our ambition is to lead opera from Aotearoa in a way that re-imagines the art form; embraces the cultural and social identities of our diverse communities; and ensures a vibrant and sustainable presence for opera in New Zealand.”

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